Friday, May 2, 2008

Strawberry Quik

It's a candy flavored version of crank that Day One in Pasadena wants you to know about. Here's a small piece from a story by Robert Hong that ran Friday:
A nonprofit health advocacy group is sounding the alarm about a relatively new trend in methamphetamine abuse - a sweetened version of the drug officials fear could tempt younger teens and pre-teens to try the addictive stimulant.
Sometimes called "strawberry quick," the new form of methamphetamine comes in bright colors and has a sweet taste - properties added to the drug by adding Jell-O or Nestle Strawberry Quik to meth during the "cooking" process, federal drug officials said.

A community group held a town hall-style meeting Thursday night to warn parents about the new meth and the increasing use of the drug among teens, particularly teen girls. indicates the federal government officials quoted in the story may be perpetuating a myth. Link here.

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5th Estate said...

Does it come in diet flavors?