Friday, May 2, 2008

Bank robbery site

Security expert Mike Alerich tracks California bank robberies on the Web via blogger.

Here's today's entry:

Never Stops, today, so far....5-2/1400hr First Bank, Ventura Bl., Encino,
Calif.... Bank 2115-2/0900hr Wells Fargo, El Camino Rd., San Clemente,
Calif....Bank 2115-2/1000hr Wells Fargo, Herndon (Fresno Area), Calif.....Bank
Take-Over; one male, armed, fake beard, ran in bank yelling "everyone on the
floor,robbery".6 hits yesterday Thur. 5-1-08

The photo? It's the Newlywed Bandits. They're still awaiting trial for a late fall 211 spree

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