Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Mt. SAC report

Two people were injured and the Mt. SAC Book Rac, pictured here suffered some moderate damage. Photo by reporter Jennifer McLain, who was part fo the SGVN team coverage.

KCBS/KCAL Map -- Did You Feel it?

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Slide from a 3D animation of the quake

This slide comes from interns in a CalTech USC quake study program. I'm goign to get it blown up and I will link to a pdf asap. it is apparently a 3d animation of the quake and aftershocks.

Tales from Pomona

Supervising Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge Stephen Czuleger told the Associated Press that 12 of the county’s 50 courthouses were evacuated, but only one in Pomona had visible damage — a crack in the building.

There's also a rumor that City Hall has been yellow tagged.

Some photos from earlier

Outside Diamond Bar Vons
and inside Target

Quake Updates

Sounds like buildings have been evacuated. Roderick at LAO is blogging the quake also. Los Angeles City Council was in session at City Hall apparently they've taken a 15 minute recess.
Metrolink is up and running, they've just rolled by the building here in West Covina.
I'm fascinated by TV coverage. They are hovering helicopters downtown. You'd think be now they'd be flying over Chino Hills or DBar to check for damage there?
Lt. Salibe at Walnut Diamond Bar Sheriff's Station said there are no reports of damage or injury in their service area.
I'm looking for tales of how the quake affected you. Let me know. You can send email to frank.girardot@sgvn.com or simply write your story in the comments.
CalTech now says the quake measured 5.4 on the Richter scale..
No word from Edison or the Gas company about outages or other problems yet...
Paula Green, Director of communications at Citrus College said officials there have cancelled classes and asked all students to go home.
The closure affected about 6,000 students. Green did not know if the school would reopen Wednesday. There were no reports of damage or injuries at the Glendora college.

There's been aftershocks
Here's a link to the USGS CalTech page several aftershocks are listed

The Quake

We've got reporters fanning out to Chino Hills and Diamond Bar to cover the quake no reports of damage emergency phone lines are down all over the SGV.
SO far no injury or damage reports coming in over the scanner...
report from the High desert not as bad, but definitely felt. Same thing in Southwest Riverside County.