Friday, May 2, 2008

Groovy baby yeah *

While Fred Robledo's prep sports blog appears to be up and running, Crime Scene remains frozen in time like Austin Powers.

I'm not pushing as hard for it to come back online, because the techies have bigger fish to fry as far as computers go.

As you know (if you subscribe to one of the LANG papers in Southern California), our computer system has been running on life support since Wednesday night -- There's a strong possibility the problems will persist through the weekend. How much stuff can they possibly fix in a day or two?

With that in mind, the reporters and editors I work with have been busting their asses to round up the best news, get the paper out and maintain our presence on the Web.

I'll do what I can to keep Crime Scene standards up while we're here.

Any thoughts? Let me know. Thanks for hanging with me.
*And guess what ? 20 minutes after posting this Crime Scene came back to life.
Yeah Baby.
See ya there.

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