Thursday, May 1, 2008

Craigslist scam Day 3

Amanda Baumfeld, who is out at the scene on Caldera Avenue in unincorporated Covina this morning reports that at least one family with their belongings packed into a U-Haul truck pulled up to the house this morning only to find out they'd been scammed.
Here's a snippet from her story (that didn't run yesterday sorry)
Authorities are searching for Pardeep Singh, the property owner of 5441 N.
Calera Ave. in the unincorporated area near Covina.
"We don't have money to
pay rent now," said Rafael Labra, whose wife is pregnant. "We just wanted a
little piece of the American dream even if we didn't own it."
allegedly has lease agreements with multiple families who gave him first and
last month's rent, totaling $2,400, to move in on May 1, officials said.
have probable cause that a crime has occurred," said Capt. Joe Hartshorne, of
the Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department. "You can't rent a house to more than
one person."
Representatives from Supervisor Gloria Molina's office are
expected to be at the property today offering mental health and homeless
services to victims.

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