Wednesday, April 16, 2008

She's 90 and allegedly mean

p>Here's the big talker of the day around the newsrooms. It's a story that will appear in Thursday's Whittier Daily News. Kinda sick. ..Sandra Molina is writing it and filling in the blanks. The jist comes from Sandra's budget note to editors here this a.m.:

Officials are investigating a fatal animal cruelty charge. SEEACA received a call Monday night from the Norwalk Sheriff’s Station about animal cruelty. The Chihuahua mix was 25 pounds and the incident happened at 12139 Bayla Street in Norwalk. Son brought the dog into SEEACA. An animal control officer noticed the dog covered in blood and an eye popped out. The 90-year-old woman alledgedly threw parts of a block at the dog and beat the tied-up animal with a shovel. Officials say she’s a danger to children in the neighborhood and should be arrested and put in a home.

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