Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Cops upset with court coverage

Janet Pope Givens called Tuesday to complain about our court coverage.
Seems that cops were upset by Caroline An's story about a preliminary hearing in a Pasadena gang homicide.

The story begins simply enough:

PASADENA - A police cadet testified Monday he overheard a phone conversation
in which a man admitted to shooting Tommie James Evans Jr.

Later on it continues:

The police cadet testified during a preliminary hearing Monday for Harvey and Aujulius Bailey of Pasadena. Both men are charged with murder. The Pasadena Superior Court hearing, to determine whether authorities have enough evidence to try the pair, was scheduled to resume today.

Pope-Given's problem was that An's story named the police cadet, who testified in open court.
"Now his name is in the newspaper on 80 million driveways," she said.

The deal, as far as Pope-Givens is concerned is that we should have kept the cadet's name out of the paper.


He comes from a large family and they may be at risk because he appeared in court and gave crucial testimony, she said.

As soon as Pope-Givens hung up, an uncle called to raise the same issue with the Star-News.

The boy's mother sent an email to the reporter today raising he same complaint.

Here was (and is) my defense of naming the cadet.

1) He spoke in open court and identified himself.

2) Officers of the court and Pasadena police knew there was a reporter in
court, they could have asked that the name not be reported at that time. They

3) The young man who took the noble step of testifying against gang
members in a homicide case is an employee of the Pasadena police
department...will the next step be askign us not to name fully sworn officers in
similar proceedings.

There are several other interesting angles in this case. One of the defendants, Aujulius Bailey is a member of the P-9 set of the PDL blood gang.

Aurelius Bailey, another member of that gang was one of several defendants in the Halloween Homicide case.

Pope Givens didn't know if the two are related.

I did find this little tidbit on the net from a Pasadena area church that mentions Aujulius.
And this which mentions Aurelius Bailey.

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