Monday, April 14, 2008

Girl pleas guilty to manslaughter, evading and street racing

A 17-year-old girl pled guilty Monday to several charges stemming from a collision that killed Angela Chung, 19, of Temple City.
Here's an excerpt from Dan Abendschein's online piece:

PASADENA - A 17-year-old girl pleaded guilty on Monday to four felony counts in a street racing case that killed a 19-year-old student from Temple City.
The girl, whose name was not released because of her age, was convicted in juvenile court. She will serve three months in a county probation department camp, and will have to pay restitution to the victim's family.
The prosecutor in the case, Jennifer Gowen, declined to comment on the case. Sandi Gibbons, a spokesperson for the county District Attorney's office, said she was not sure who made the decision to try her in juvenile court, rather than as an adult.
She added that the maximum sentence that the defendant could have received as a minor would have been placing her in a juvenile facility until she turned 25.

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Anonymous said...

3 months????? are you kidding me. i feel for the family of Angela Chung. she looked like a sweet, intelligent girl. boy did the system let her family down in this case.